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It's too late to fix, once you've hit <send>!

Imagine you've just sent out a batch of new e-mails to a promising list of leads.


A few minutes later, the CEO walks through your door with *that* look on their face.


In your haste to get this latest batch of lead-gen materials out the door, your team forgot to include one critical detail, or maybe emphasized the wrong thing, or painfully over-sold the product before even getting prospects hooked.


It's too late to change it now.


    But it could have been avoided.

For the price of two minutes of your time, you'll find out if you're making any of the 10 most common lead-gen marketing mistakes, compiled from the most recent literature on the subject.


Now, You're telling yourself that you don't need a tune up, and you're probably right!

       ...But isn't it worth 2 minutes, just to be sure?

Get your Top-10 Lead-gen Mistakes video here

Because it's too late to fix, once you've hit <send>.

GJH copy is a boutique B2B copywriting agency dedicated to getting you the marketing results you need.  Guaranteed.


-over 20 years of experience in professional  and educational writing


-specializing in lead-generation, white papers  & case studies

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