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Dear author / author-to-be,
       thank you for visiting Literary Ghost.
       You've got a book... inside of you.  You've come here, because you want to work with me, to get that story out where others can experience it!
       My name is Gary Hurtubise; I am a ghostwriter and editor, and I want to help you write that book.

What do I know?


            I have 20+ years of award-winning writing expertise, with in-depth experience from a multitude of professional fields.  In that time, I’ve developed a strength for transforming intangible ideas into accessible, entertaining prose.  I’ve learned to reflect the voice and vision of those I write for, while keeping keen eye out for quality and detail.  I have worked hard to garner a reputation for being discrete, trustworthy and professional.


            That all sounds great, doesn’t it?  But those are just written words...


...So why choose Literary Ghost?


            I’m a no-nonsense guy.  I just want to help you write your book.  I’m not interested in showering you with flowery praise about how good your idea is.  I won’t be making any false promises about how your book is guaranteed to be a multi-million dollar best seller.


            In other words, I will work with you on a no-bull basis.



  • We’ll decide together if your book and my ghostwriting are a good fit – no false enthusiasm, no bull.

  • We will set up a clear schedule for how your manuscript will be produced – no surprises, no bull.

  • Your success is my success; I have a vested interest in helping you produce the best book       possible – no nonsense, no bull.

What do I do?


I work with you on your writing project from whatever stage you are at, whether that be the fleshing out your idea, putting together the bones of an outline, or finally combing through a last draft, making it publication-ready.


Who do I help?


            I work with professionals in such fields as: academia, military, research & development, and the space industry, as well those writing in the areas of memoirs, lgbtq+ issues, and arts & entertainment.

Therefore, if you're looking for no bull ghostwriting, editing, or re-writing services, I'm your ghost.

Contact me today to see how I can help you get your story ready for the world to read.

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